AOC Launch Four New Models in Their P2 Line-up with QHD and 4K Resolutions, and USB type-C

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AOC have recently expanded their professional P2 line-up of business monitors with four new displays in 27” and 31.5” sizes. Each of the new monitors employs USB-C connectivity for a single cable connection to laptops, tablets and mobile devices to simultaneously transfer the video signal, power and data to connected SSD or hard drives. Aimed at business users who require large screens with high resolutions to display multiple applications at once, the 31.5” U32P2CA and the 27” U27P2CA boast 4K resolution (3840 x 2160), while the 31.5” Q32P2CA and the 27” Q27P2CA have a QHD resolution (2560 x 1440).

Designed for office use and to boost productivity

Today, the workplace has to be more flexible than ever. Many professional users are now accustomed to using their laptops to work from almost anywhere. However, most would also agree that working on a small laptop display is not as efficient as working on a large screen. The productivity gains achieved by large panels and high resolutions are immense, as users can open multiple windows and multi-task. Unlike a laptop display, working on an ergonomic desk setup with a height-adjustable monitor results in a healthier and more comfortable working environment, which is equally important.

AOC’s professional business monitor line-up P2 offers mainly IPS or VA panels, height-adjustable stands and sleek, 3-side borderless or narrow border designs for the (home)-offices of the future. The P2 line-up already previously offers two USB-C equipped IPS models with the 24” 24P2C and the 27” 27P2C in Full HD resolution. Now, AOC offers four new products, expanding its USB-C portfolio with high-res (QHD & UHD) and large (27” and 31.5”) displays.

32″ AOC U32P2CA

The 31.5” AOC U32P2CA features a VA panel with a native 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) that delivers a high contrast ratio of 3000:1. Its 350 nits brightness makes it usable even in brightly lit conditions, while its true deep blacks and wide gamut coverage (119% sRGB, 97.3% Adobe RGB, 90.7% DCI-P3) present rich and vivid imagery, perfect for photo/video editors, designers and content creators. To make the most out of the size and resolution, the monitor supports Picture-by-Picture (PbP) mode too. In other specs there is a 4ms G2G response time and 60Hz refresh rate.

For increased flexibility and a clutter-free desk, the monitor has a cable management opening in the stand and is equipped with a 4-port USB 3.2 hub for connecting keyboard and mouse easily. Therefore, a laptop can be used with just a single USB-C cable, and the display can be extended or shared with the monitor using the USB-C DisplayPort Alternate mode. Laptops or other devices connected to the USB-C port can be powered and charged with up to 65W, while the regular USB connection can be utilised to transfer files from an external drive connected to the monitor’s USB hub, for example. With the connected peripherals via the USB hub, a full-sized keyboard and mouse can also control the laptop via USB-C.

27″ AOC U27P2CA

The 27” AOC U27P2CA also employs a 4K resolution panel, but this time with an IPS technology panel. The extra sharpness due to the higher pixel density on a smaller frame size is combined with a wide gamut coverage. Similar to its 32” cousin, the U27P2CA also offers a Picture-by-Picture mode.

32” AOC Q32P2CA and the AOC Q27P2CA

Two further models in QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution are the 31.5” AOC Q32P2CA and the 27” AOC Q27P2CA, have IPS panels and a 75 Hz refresh rate. While the 32″ model is a standard sRGB gamut model, the 27″ version offers a wide gamut coverage (126.5% sRGB, 108.4% Adobe RGB, 100.8% DCI-P3) suited for graphic designers and content creators. The 27″ model has a 1000:! contrast ratio and 300 nits brightness spec, while the 31.5″ has 1200:1 and 250 nits.

A 4ms G2G response time is quoted along with Adaptive-Sync support to synchronise the monitor’s refresh rate with the GPU’s framerate to achieve tear-free visuals from both NVIDIA and AMD systems. The QHD models Q32P2CA and Q27P2CA also offer a slightly boosted 75 Hz refresh rate as opposed to the common 60Hz refresh rate. Note that these Q models do not support PbP like the U modes do.

All models are 100 x 100 mm VESA mount compatible and include a fully ergonomic stand with 150 mm height adjustment, 90° pivot orientation and a wide tilt and swivel range. The 31.5” models boast two 3W speakers, while the 27” employ two 2W speakers. All models feature 3.5 mm headphone connections as well.

To provide USB-C connectivity with legacy devices without this port, all models also come with a detachable USB-C to USB-C/USB-A cable. Also, using AOC’s optional VESA-P2 bracket, mini-PCs or NUCs can be directly attached to the stand of these four models, creating a simple all-in-one solution that is open to further upgrades. There are also other connections provided for video including 1x DisplayPort and 2x HDMI on each model.

Pricing and availability

The AOC Q32P2CA and U27P2CA will be available from August 2021 with RRPs of £289.99 and £369.99 respectively. Check latest availability here and here

The AOC U32P2CA will be available from September 2021 at an RRP of £449.99. Check latest availability here

The AOC Q27P2CA will be available from October 2021 at an RRP of £349.99. Check latest availability here

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