Advertising and Sponsorship

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Reach our large and focused audience with a keen interest in monitors, displays, TV’s and computing. We have opportunities available ranging from display and video advertising, to dedicated, sponsored advertorial content and articles.

Website banner and display advertising

We are open to discussing industry-relevant banner and display advertising opportunities at TFTCentral including header and sidebar placement, or within specific content. We do not accept text links or non industry-relevant advertising though.

Sponsored advertorial articles

If you are interested in promoting your industry-relevant product range or technologies, we can write and produce sponsored advertorial articles. We are happy to feature and showcase products, but all content and opinions would remain our own. We do not accept “sponsored reviews” as this content always remains impartial and unbiased.

For some examples of sponsored advertorial content we have produced please see:

Guest posts and content

Please note that we do not accept guest posts or guest content, please do not email asking for this as requests will be ignored.

YouTube Channel Sponsorship and advertising

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss in-video advertising slots or promotion of industry-relevant products on our growing YouTube channel. YouTube videos also get promoted and embedded on our main site which widens coverage.

How to contact us

You can contact TFTCentral using the following email address: contact (at) tftcentral . co . uk
(Please remove the spaces and substitute the (at) for a proper @ sign. Listed in this way to reduce spam)

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