Consultancy Services

TFTCentral can provide expert display testing, analysis, feedback and consultancy in a number of areas. Please contact us for further information and to discuss opportunities. Services include:

  • Pre-launch product evaluation and testing – understand the performance and capabilities of a product, validate specifications and certifications, help identify product gaps and issues and establish how a display would be rated and reviewed.

  • Subject matter expertise – support with written content for press releases, whitepapers, case studies, documentation and other material.

  • Go to market spec and feature validation – identify recommended marketing specs and product benefits as well as validate and confirm certifications and performance criteria.

  • Expert Equipment and Testing Capabilities – using various professional devices and software packages catering for all modern display panel types and backlights. This quantitative data is combined with subjective analysis backed by 20+ years testing and reviewing displays. This includes analysis of all aspects of a display’s capabilities from colour performance to response times.

Email Us

You can contact TFTCentral using the following email address: contact (at) tftcentral . co . uk
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