Asus to Issue Firmware Update to Address ROG Swift PG35VQ Flickering Issue

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Some users of the high end Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ and Acer Predator X35 displays have reported issues with flickering in certain situations. described this as “obvious flickering and strong interlace pattern artifacts (thick ‘dancing lines’ with textures breaking up into a heavily interlaced pattern) when certain textures or shades are displayed in some games. “

Asus have now acknowledged the issue and plan to release a firmware update by the end of the year to fix it.

While there is currently no update from Acer on their X35 model, the Asus FAQ support page states for the PG35VQ that:

ROG Swift PG35VQ may flicker infrequently and show vertical lines while displaying graphics from certain games.  We have found the issue to be an LCD panel sensitivity to certain colored patterns. ASUS has resolved this issue in a firmware update, which will be available for download as an update utility by the end of December 2019.

ROG Swift PG35VQ monitors with serial numbers where the second character is ‘6,’ ‘7,’ ‘8,’ ‘9’, ‘A’ or ‘B’ (e.g., J6LMQS002053, ) are eligible for this update. Please contact ASUS customer service if any other enquiries.

Source: Asus

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