Asus ROG Swift OLED PG49WCD with 49″ QD-OLED Panel, 144Hz and 1000 Nits Announced

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Originally published 28 May 2023, last updated 22 August 2023

While there’s not been any official press release or product page for this screen yet, Asus have won a ‘Best Choice’ award for a new display they are showing off at this year’s Computex event coming up this week in Taiwan. The Asus ROG Swift OLED PG49WCD is a large 49″ super ultrawide display offering a 5120 x 1440 resolution OLED technology panel. It’s a competing model to those already announced from Samsung and MSI, and uses a Samsung QD-OLED panel but in the case of the Asus this is only 144Hz, whereas the other models are 240Hz. This seems like an odd choice given their 27″ OLED screen is 240Hz already and a 240Hz capable panel exists.

There’s not a huge amount known about the screen at this time based on limited information in an awards-related press release from Asus, but we do know the following. It’s a curved format screen with an 1800R curvature. There’s a 0.03ms G2G response time and a 144Hz refresh rate, backed by adaptive-sync for VRR from both NVIDIA and AMD systems. The screen is expected to include certification under the AMD ‘FreeSync Premium Pro’ scheme too. Expect Asus’s Uniform Brightness feature to be available for SDR use like on their recent 27″ OLED display.

Asus say that “To ensure QD-OLED longevity and better performance, it includes a custom heatsink and graphene film — the thinnest and strongest nanomaterial in the world”, with the panel offering a peak brightness up to 1000 nits apparently. Excellent HDR performance can be expected thanks to the per-pixel dimming of OLED technology, along with true blacks and a near infinite contrast ratio.

Some outlets are reporting that the screen is expected to feature DisplayPort 1.4, USB type-C (with DP Alt mode and 90W power delivery) and HDMI 2.1 video connections, and will also support KVM functionality – although this is not listed in the limited Asus press release at the moment when announcing that the screen had won an award.

Update 22/8/23 – this screen should be launched in October 2023 at a retail price of $1499 USD according to Asus’ Gamescom press release.

For some further information, video, our thoughts and first impressions from the Asus Gamescom 2023 event check out our video here. Our full review of the Asus ROG Swift PG49WCD is also now available here.

Source: Asus and Asus

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