TCL CSOT Unveil New 31″ 4K Dome Display OLED and 27″ 8K LCD Panels

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TCL CSOT Global Display Tech-ecosystem Conference 2023

TCL CSOT, a display panel manufacturer launched its Global Display Tech-ecosystem Conference 2023 (“DTC 2023”) on December 7 in Wuhan, China where it unveiled a range of new panel technologies and options that we will hopefully see adopted in the monitor market at some point. Keep in mind these are panels only, so we will have to wait for display manufacturers to make use of these as and when they are developed, and if they fit in to their market plans. We have limited info and specs at this stage, but they’re worth a note of things to possibly come at some point.

The World’s first 31-inch 4K OLED “Dome Display”

This OLED technology panel is 31″ in size and offers a 3840 x 2160 “4K” resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate and 3D spatial viewing (which we believe to be support for glasses-free 3D viewing like in the Acer SpatialLabs range we looked at this year). It also has a unique wrap-around “dome” shape as you can see from the images provided.

27″ with 8K Resolution

Another interesting monitor-sized panel is a 27″ option with a whopping 8K resolution – which should be 7680 x 4320. This is an LCD panel it seems but has 3D viewing capabilities again, along with a built-in eye tracking system.

Other panels of note

At DTC 2023, TCL CSOT unveiled s range of products that are redefining the industry’s standard for OLED and LCD capabilities. Leveraging the technical strengths of ink-jet printing OLED, TCL CSOT introduced the following products

The World’s First 65″ 8K 120Hz IJP OLED Curved Monitor. This is a large TV sized panel obviously but worth a quick mention given the specs. This panel boasts an impressive 33 million pixels and a fast 120Hz refresh rate. With a resolution of 7680 x 4320 and an 1800R curvature. Through IJP (ink jet printing) OLED technology, the utilization rate of luminescent materials is increased by 2 times to 90%, reducing blue light radiation by 50%. Even in low grayscale images, the color gamut DCI-P3 value remains above 99%. C

The World’s First 14″ 2.8K IJP Hybrid OLED Notebook represents TCL CSOT’s groundbreaking introduction of IJP OLED technology in notebooks, achieving a technological breakthrough of 240PPI in mass production. This display offers high resolution and a 30-120Hz adaptive refresh rate, delivering high-definition picture quality down to the smallest details. Its thin and portable design, made possible by Hybrid OLED technology, makes it ideal for mobile lifestyles. 

Source: PRnewswire and ithome

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