Improvements in OLED Care Features Allow Manufacturers to Offer Added Burn-In Warranty Cover

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Good news for those interested in buying an OLED monitor but worried about the risks of image retention and burn-in. Two manufacturers this week, Asus and MSI, have extended their monitor warranty cover to specifically cover this issue. Image retention is an inherent risk with OLED display technology and it’s a technology certainly more suited to varied and dynamic content like gaming and movies, than it is to lots of static desktop and office use. Each panel and display manufacturer have introduced a range of different mitigation measures to help reduce this risk, to protect the panel, and to maintain it over time. These should all help reduce the risk in the long term. This, combined with a growing comfort from manufacturers about return rates and longevity of these displays now they have been around in the market for a couple of years, is allowing some manufacturers to offer additional cover under their warranty which covers you for burn-in.

Which manufacturers are adding burn in cover now?

All of Asus’ OLED line-up, including their 34″ PG34WCDM pictured now include a 2 year burn-in warranty.

Asus updated their various product pages this week for all of their OLED range to now specifically state a 2-year burn-in warranty. E.g. the spec page for the recently reviewed PG34WCDM includes this note in the warranty section:

A formal press release has not yet been published by Asus although we are seeking some further information and will update this news piece when get it. It’s not clear at this stage how this will work for existing owners of their OLED screens. Asus also haven’t updated their official warranty pages yet.

MSI’s OLED Care 2.0 measures help reduce the risk of burn-in on their OLED screens

MSI also more formally announced an update to their warranty today, offering a 3-year cover for burn-in. They say this is made possible thanks to their OLED Care features on their monitors, including new technologies like multi-logo protection, boundary edge protection and taskbar detection. They have faith in the performance of their OLED screens and are now backing that with this 3 year burn in cover. It’s not clear at this stage how this will work for existing owners of their OLED screens.

For interest, their warranty page provides a little more information (selection monitors > gaming monitors from the drop down), including the criteria:

  • (2) MSI OLED Monitors Burn-in Basic Criteria : It is recommended to do the “MSI OLED Care – Panel Protect” after cumulative usage over 4hours the panel.
  • (3) MSI OLED Monitors Burn-in Judgement Criteria : △Luminance ≤ 3.5% @ 50% gray (at “Peak 1000 nits” mode)
  • MSI’s warranty shall not apply, regardless of whether the Product is in-warranty, or out of warranty, in the following situations: For OLED monitors, the MSI OLED Care function that is always on by default has been delayed, turned off, or otherwise rendered inoperable.

Who had cover already?

Dell Alienware and Corsair already offered a 3-year warranty with burn-in cover for their OLED monitors.

LG USA told the Verge last year that they were going to offer a 2 year burn-in warranty on their OLED monitors, although official information on their website seems to be very scarce, and it’s not clear if this has really been introduced officially, and if so, which regions it applies to if any outside of the USA.

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