Dell Launch Cheaper Trimmed Down Version of their QD-OLED Monitor, the AW3423DWF

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Dell have recently announced an alternative version of their popular AW3423DW QD-OLED monitor (reviewed) with some trimmed down features and a lower price point. The AW3423DWF (the same model number but with an “F” on the end) is based on the exact same 34″ ultrawide QD-OLED panel, with a largely very similar spec and feature set. There are a few changes as discussed below, along with a slightly lower price point.

Changes compared with the existing AW3423DW

  • Aesthetically the monitor uses Dell’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ colour scheme rather than ‘Lunar Light’, which features dark grey matte plastic instead of the white colours of the existing model on the back.
  • The screen is a little slimmer and lighter, making it easier to VESA mount apparently
  • Dell are no longer using the NVIDIA Native G-sync module for this version, instead using adaptive-sync to deliver VRR support. This will still support both AMD and NVIDIA systems, although it remains to be seen whether it has an impact on VRR experience and performance when removing the module. The removal of the G-sync module is one of the reasons for the lower price point by the way
  • The VRR range is now 48 – 165Hz, with a slightly lower max refresh rate of 165Hz (compared with 175Hz on the existing model) and a narrower VRR range because of the removal of the G-sync module. LFC is included though for anything <48Hz.
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and the new VESA AdaptiveSync certifications are included, but the screen does not carry any NVIDIA certifications at this time, whereas the old model because of the G-sync module carried the ‘NVIDIA G-sync Ultimate’ certification
  • We believe the removal of the G-sync module will also negate the need for active cooling fans that were featured in the existing model, but this remains to be confirmed
  • The RGB lighting ring around the back of the stand appears to have been dropped on the new model, although the Alien logo and screen size lighting on the back of the screen appear to be there still
  • The press release says there is a “new OSD joystick” although we are not sure how different, if at all, this is from the current AW3423DW which also has a joystick controller.
  • The F model has 2x DisplayPort 1.4 inputs and 1x HDMI 2.0, whereas the existing model has only 1x DisplayPort 1.4 but 2x HDMI 2.0
  • Price – see below

Dell Alienware AW3423DWF Specs

The screen is 34″ in size and has an ultrawide 3440 x 1440 resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio and an 1800R curvature. It is based on a QD-OLED panel from Samsung like the existing model and offers a 0.1ms G2G response time, 1 million:1 contrast ratio, 250 cd/m2 brightness, 178/178 viewing angles, 10-bit colour depth and a wide colour gamut covering 99.3% of the DCI-P3 reference space (~149% sRGB). The monitor is factory calibrated with DeltaE <2, including a ‘Creator Mode’ sRGB emulation setting.

Like the existing model the screen has per pixel dimming for excellent HDR performance and deep blacks. It carries the VESA DisplayHDR True Black 400 certification (not to be confused with the regular HDR 400 tier) and the screen also has an HDR 1000 mode delivering peak brightness of >1000 nits. 10-bit colour depth support and the wide colour gamut provide the colour enhancements associated with HDR content as well. The screen can accept HDR10 input sources only.

The stand offers the same tilt, height and swivel adjustments. For connectivity there are 2x DisplayPort 1.4 inputs along with HDMI 2.0, audio output and 4 total USB data ports. Given the removal of the G-sync module we would have liked to have seen Dell add USB type-C connectivity here really, and HDMI 2.1 too.

Pricing and Availability

Available in North America later this fall starting at USD $1,099.99 or CAD $1,399.99. This makes it $200 USD cheaper than the existing AW3423DW, so provides a lower cost option to buyers which is good news. You can check out our review of the existing AW3423DW here which should give you a very good idea of the screens performance and capabilities.

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