Dell Announce New Alienware 27″ 1440p 360Hz and 32″ 4K 240Hz QD-OLED Gaming Monitors

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Dell have unveiled details of two new QD-OLED monitors in their Alienware range that are planned for launch in 2024. There’s a new 32″ AW3225QF model with 4K resolution and 240Hz refresh rate, as well as a new 27″ AW2725DF model with 1440p and 360Hz refresh rate. These were announced at TwitchCon 2023 with some limited information available at the moment, but we will share what we know so far. There’s the usual marketing talk of these being the “World’s first”, although there’s already been a couple of 32″ models announced formally so far (discussed below). There haven’t been any formal announcements of a 27″ 360Hz OLED monitor yet, so we will give Dell that at least – although recently leaked MSI roadmap information does confirm they are also planning a model with these specs next year.

Dell Alienware AW3225QF – 32″ 4K 240Hz

We believe this will actually be a 31.5″ sized panel although it’s of course being promoted as a 32″ screen. Interestingly this monitor appears to have a curved format which will make it different to the Asus ROG Swift PG32UCDM that was showcased at Gamescom 2023 in August, and the Dough Spectrum Black 32″ announced also in August, which are both flat format. This looks to be a fairly subtle 3840 x 2160 resolution from the video at the TwitchCon event, probably 1800R. Personally I would prefer a flat format on a 32″ sized screen, although some may like the subtle curvature.

We know that the screen will offer a 3840 x 2160 “4K” resolution as well as a 240Hz native refresh rate. It will use adaptive-sync for VRR from compatible NVIDIA and AMD systems – so no Native G-sync module here it seems like on their first QD-OLED monitor last year (AW3423DW).

Dell Alienware AW2725DF – 27″ 1440p with 360Hz

There’s also the new 27″ class AW2725DF which will offer a 2560 x 1440 resolution and 360Hz refresh rate. This is a flat format screen this time, but the very high refresh rate should offer amazing motion clarity, equivalent in fact to a 540Hz LCD panel in real-world motion clarity. It’s also QD-OLED and will feature adaptive-sync for VRR again. This model is aimed more at eSports and competitive gaming and also includes a smaller base design to allow more space for keyboards and mice when gaming. Both this and the 32″ screens are expected to include a 3 year OLED burn-in warranty too.

Pricing and Availability

There is a suggestion in the coverage that the screens would be launched in “early January 2024” but we would probably expect them to be later than that based on the Samsung QD-OLED panel roadmaps we’ve seen. We’d expect the screens to be available around late Q2 / early Q3 to be honest. Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised, or maybe they will just be showcased in Jan 2024 at CES, but time will tell. More info on specs, features, pricing and availability when we get it.

Source: TwitchCon

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