Dough Announce the World’s First 31.5″ 4K 240Hz OLED Monitor with Glossy and Matte Coating Options

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Dough have today announced something OLED gaming fans have been waiting for, their forthcoming 31.5″ ‘Spectrum Black’ OLED monitor with a 4K resolution, 240Hz refresh rate and even a glossy screen coating option. The new display will come in two varieties, a glass covered glossy version (the ES07E3D) and a traditional matte coated version (the ES07E3F). The new Spectrum Black branding is “referencing the perfect contrast offered by its OLED panel equipped with cover glass In collaboration with Corning, Spectrum Black monitors now have Gorilla Glass with the DXC AntiReflective treatment.” These models offer a larger screen size and larger resolution to their 27″ 1440p model which is expected to be available soon.


We should say here that we are not in a position to vouch for Dough (formally known as Eve) as a manufacturer or supplier or not, and that is not the aim of this news piece. We are simply covering the announcement and launch of a new and interesting display from the company at this time that many people may be interesting in considering. After much feedback from our audience in the past we have added this disclaimer to the article so that readers can consider all aspects of their possible purchase.

It’s fair to say that the company has not been without its problems and controversies over the years although the company does now also make their displays available via major retailers like Amazon in several European regions so far, with other key regions like the US being added soon. They are also available from B&H in the US, and soon also from BestBuy. Being able to buy from these larger retailers like Amazon should give you more peace of mind around your purchase.

If you want further information from previous buyers and owners of their products and displays we would encourage you to check out the Eve section on Reddit to get up to date information and user opinions, and also the Eve community. We will leave you, the reader, to consider your purchase and Dough/Eve as a brand.

Dough Spectrum Black ES07E3D/F Specs

The new screens are 31.5″ in size and have a 16:9 aspect ratio with a flat screen format (not curved). It has a 3840 x 2160 “4K” resolution which is well-suited to a screen of this size, allowing an increased desktop space and high pixel density for excellent and sharp picture quality. There is a 0.03ms G2G response time and the high native 240Hz refresh rate is supported by adaptive-sync for VRR, including expected certifications under the NVIDIA ‘G-sync Compatible, AMD ‘FreeSync Premium Pro’ and VESA ‘Adaptive-Sync’ schemes. There is a 48 – 240Hz VRR range by the way. There’s a few gaming extras like crosshair and frame rate counter available too.

In other specs there is a 1.5 million:1 advertised contrast ratio, although with the OLED panel being able to turn off pixels individually, this is approaching infinite:1 with true blacks. For brightness, Dough list a “typical” brightness of 150 cd/m2 (for SDR), a peak SDR brightness of 450 cd/m2 and a peak HDR brightness of 1000 cd/m2 which is typical for OLED technology in this space at the moment. It remains to be seen how brightness in SDR mode behaves with things like ABL.

For HDR the screen will carry the VESA DisplayHDR True Black 400 certification (for OLED, not to be confused with HDR 400) and supports HDR10 content.

There is a 10-bit colour depth as well, and the screen comes factory calibrated. The monitor has a wide 98.5% DCI-P3 colour gamut and will also come factory calibrated with a dE <1 and a D65 white point. They also list the fact that the screen has “pixel perfect integer scaling” to handle lower resolutions as with their other monitors like the Spectrum 4K.

Corning Glass Coating on the Glossy Model

The partnership with Corning has lead to the creation of a special glass coating for the screen, which apparently will significantly enhance visual quality through improved perceived contrast, sharpness, and colors. Dough claim that when compared to the previous model, ambient contrast ratio is increased by 40%, and the Corning DXC Anti Reflective coating reduces reflections by 70%. Unlike Industry conventional matte coatings that reduce reflections via haze and scattering reflections, the Spectrum Black’s DXC AR coating uses a carefully engineered combination of layers with different refractive indices.

70% reduced reflections on the DXC Glass of the new Spectrum Black monitor (left) vs. Standard Glossy of the Spectrum 4K (right)

Dough have opted to make available a glossy screen coating for this model which is bound to be popular with some buyers, while there’s also a matte coated version if you prefer that for your uses. There’s a lot of debate about whether matte or glossy coating is better for a desktop monitor, and for an OLED panel. It really depends on your lighting conditions and usage patterns, but it’s great to see a glossy option provided for those who’ve decided they want it. In the right room conditions you get a better black depth and contrast, as well as an image that pops more. You do need to be more mindful of reflections though with a glossy coating. Dough previously released a glossy version of their popular Spectrum 4K screen as well, which we talked about and tested here.

matte coating on the Asus PG27AQDM (left) vs the glass glossy coating of the Dough Spectrum Black (right)

For lots more discussion on matte vs glossy on OLED panels, check out our comparison video of the LG 42C2 (glossy) and the Asus PG42UQ (matte).

Black Frame Insertion (BFI) included

A feature not originally included when their 27″ model was announced, but that has now been added by Dough is Black Frame Insertion (BFI). This is also expected to be featured on their forthcoming 31.5″ model which is great news. This is the OLED equivalent of a strobing blur reduction backlight on LCD screens, and really helps improve motion clarity in practice. It works especially well on OLED panels thanks to their near-instant response times, and the lack of BFI is something we’ve often lamented on recent OLED displays. Dough have said in an update from May 2023 that they already have this working up to 120Hz on their 27″ screen and are planning to extend this if possible up to 240Hz. The final options will be confirmed later on, but it’s excellent news that it will be featured in some form on this monitor.

Connectivity options

The screen has a decent range of modern connectivity options. There are 2x HDMI 2.1 ports and Dough go as far as to specifically list the capabilities supported which is great to see. There’s support for HDMI-VRR and ALLM included here which is good, although the port bandwidth is not listed. There is also 1x DisplayPort 1.4 (with DSC) and 1x USB type-C connection (with DP Alt mode and 100W power delivery). An additional 2x USB type-C data ports are provided along with 2x USB A ports and an audio jack.

The screen supports Picture in Picture (PiP) modes. The screen has a built-in KVM function as well. The additional Spectrum stand supports tilt, height, swivel and rotate adjustments.

Warranty and Burn-in cover

Dough say that the screen will have a 3 year limited warranty, a zero bright dot pixel policy and also a 2 year burn in warranty.

Dough say they also recognized the importance of optimal thermal management. As such, it made key adjustments to the monitor design. The internal metal structure, in conjunction with thermal interface material, now acts as a heatsink, significantly increasing the surface area to dissipate heat. Additionally, ventilation holes are strategically placed to enhance airflow over the monitor’s vital components, ensuring optimal performance.

Availability and Pricing

Just like the company’s current models, the price of this new monitor will gradually increase as it nears shipment and a global retail release. The matte model
will start at $699 and the glass model at $799. Both prices will increase until they reach the final retail pricing of $1099 and $1299, respectively. Customers who wish to purchase can subscribe to Dough’s mailing list to receive an exclusive invitation once orders open. The monitor is only in early development at the moment.

Given our panel roadmap information (linked below) we expect this screen to be available to buy around late Q2 at best, perhaps in to Q3. Please keep in mind panel production dates could slip, as could production of the screen itself, so if you are concerned about release dates you may wish to wait until it’s actually available and shipping if you don’t want to pre-order with a fairly vague date at the moment.

The monitor will be available at several retailers at launch, including the retailers that currently offer Dough’s existing products, like Amazon (UK, Fr, It, De), Digitech Switzerland, and B&H, along with additional retailers including Best Buy coming online soon too.

If you want to receive updates on the project you can sign up for Dough’s newsletter on their site here too.

Other Exciting OLED Monitor Information

If you want to know more about the future OLED monitor market, check out our roadmap video here talking about all the plans over the next couple of years!

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