Updates to Our Site Now Live

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You will notice that TFTCentral has gone through a bit of an overhaul which we hope will bring improved functionality, better responsive support for different devices (including mobiles) and ultimately make the management and updating of the site easier in the future too. This will hopefully then allow us more time to focus on new content – new reviews, articles and news.

Migration of Older Reviews is Ongoing

You will find that some of our older reviews have not yet been migrated over, so apologies if you land on a dead page or find a “holding” page for some of these. We will continue to migrate all the old content over in the coming weeks, but for now we’ve ensured all our reviews from the last couple of years have been migrated fully, along with all our articles, resources (ICC database, panels database etc) and news.

Bugs, Issues and Feedback

If you find any bugs with layout, design, functionality etc please do contact us and we will take a look! We would also welcome any suggestions on things we should look to add to the site.

RSS Feeds

If you are using our RSS feeds, please update them to the new links which are available here.

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