MSI MEG ARTYMIS 341 Mini LED Announced with AMLED Backlight and QD Premium Color

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Originally published 4 November 2021, last updated 19 November 2021

MSI have this week announced their new 34″ sized ‘MEG ARTYMIS 341 Mini LED’ display (is it just us or are these names getting a bit silly?). This new screen offers an aggressively curved 1000R ultrawide display with a 21:9 aspect ratio. They have not revealed much in the way of specs and features, with the launch event only really focusing on the fact that it has a Mini LED backlight to enhance contrast and colours. The information we do have is included below, but we will update this news piece when we have more.

Mini LED Backlight for HDR

The MEG ARTYMIS 341 Mini LED display has, as the name suggests, a Mini LED backlight. This offers local dimming capabilities far beyond what is possible from widespread edge-lit backlights, helping to offer improved performance for HDR content. The screen is certified under the VESA DisplayHDR 1000 scheme as a result, including a peak brightness of 1000 nits. It is not clear how many dimming zones this Mini LED backlight will have at the moment as it was not discussed.



The screen has been produced in conjunction with panel manufacturer AU Optronics and featured their so called “AMLED” (Adaptive Mini LED) technology with their “adaptive control technology”. AUO describe this as follows:

“AUO’s AmLED display technology, thanks to the enhanced mini LED backlight design, has achieved revolutionary performance in gaming displays. With adaptive local dimming technique, brightness, contrast ratio, colors, refresh rate and power consumption can be precisely adjusted in real time based on the images, environment, as well as users’ needs, therefore providing lifelike gaming visuals and immersive experience to meet gamers’ and content creators’ stringent demand for image quality and smooth operations.

AMLED basically boils down the screen having a Mini LED backlight that has been finely tuned by AUO to allow it to work properly in gaming situations and with variable refresh rates. Optimising the backlight dimming and control to ensure, as they put it “utmost brightness and contrast”. It’s been apparently made for content creators and e-sports pros, which feels like two pretty separate target markets.

AU Optronics later added a video explaining AMLED in more detail which we’ve embedded below. Within this video AUO are also keen to promote the performance of the Mini LED backlight in various areas, although of course keep in mind this is their marketing video.

They talk about how under higher ambient lighting conditions the technology can deliver 3x higher “ambient contrast ratio” (ACR) than an OLED display which don’t perform as well in bright room conditions. AUO are also promoting the fact that AMLED displays don’t show the same brightness degradation and burn in risks of OLED in their promotional video. They have also focused on blue light reduction by shifting the blue light wavelength to the 460 nm range, something that Eyesafe promote and talk about on their website.

Interestingly they also talk about high refresh rates, mentioning 480Hz which at the moment has not been launched in the monitor market. Perhaps a sign that something is coming soon, also built around their AMLED backlight technology.

From AUO’s AMLED promotional video, mentioning the possible future arrival of 480Hz refresh rate screens with this Mini LED backlight technology

Of course there are also limitations with Mini LED backlights relative to OLED when you consider the per pixel dimming that OLED can achieve, removing all blooming and halo-ing issues. Obviously take some of the AMLED vs OLED comparison pictures with a pinch of salt in this video too.

QD Premium Color

The screen is also utilising Quantum Dot panel coating technology which MSI are also promoting under their ‘QD Premium Color’ brand. This is really about the screen offering a wide colour gamut (actual spec not currently listed) along with a range of colour modes on the monitor, and a factory calibration offering dE <2. MSI say this is a result of an increased focus from consumers on accuracy and performance, not just things like response times.

If we refer to AUO’s video about the AMLED technology being used for the backlight (embedded above), they talk about 100% DCI-P3 coverage because of the Quantum Dot coating, so that’s a likely final spec here for this display.


MSI product launch video

We have embedded the relevant part of the recent MSI launch event video below too:

The screen will be available sometime in 2022 according to the product launch video. More info, specs and details when we get it!

Source: MSI YouTube

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