LG Release the 27GS95QE, a Brighter Version of Their 27″ 240Hz OLED Monitor

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This model was briefly mentioned as part of their CES announcement, but now the official product page has gone live, telling us more about the screen. The LG UltraGear 27GS95QE seems to be largely the same as their previous 27GR95QE model (reviewed here), but LG are promoting that this is a brighter version of the screen. Apart from that, not much seems to have changed in the specs. It’s still a 27″ sized OLED screen built around LG.Display’s WOLED panel, offering a 2560 x 1440 resolution and a 240Hz refresh rate. Before you ask, it’s still got the same matte AG coating as the previous version.

A brighter display?

The main difference being promoted is that the new model will apparently offer a brighter display. LG’s specs say it can achieve a 275 nits typical brightness, reaching up to 1000 nits for HDR peak brightness. If we compare it to the listed specs of the previous model, that old version could offer 200 nits typical brightness and 1000 nits peak brightness. If we refer back to our review and testing though we measured a 192 nits max brightness in SDR, which was possible without any major ABL dimming being needed, which is very close to the 200 nits spec. However, that screen didn’t reach anywhere near 1000 nits in HDR in our testing, getting up to around 609 nits peak.

Hopefully the new 27GS95QE model will be able to reach brighter in SDR for desktop, up to around 275 nits for those who like a brighter screen, or need to use the display in more well-lit rooms. Hopefully also LG have managed to improve the real-world HDR peak brightness to reach up to 1000 nits or higher, despite the actual spec remaining the same on paper.

We believe this new model is actually using the updated version of the LG.Display WOLED panel, which from the panel providers specs can reach 1300 nits. It looks like LG Electronics have been more conservative with the peak brightness, perhaps in an effort to mitigate any image retention risks or ensure higher accuracy of colours, but the fact the panel is of a higher spec does at least give us faith that the screen will now live up to its 1000 nits peak brightness spec in reality, unlike their previous 27GR95QE model.

LG 27GS95QE Specs

In other specs the screen offers a 2560 x 1440 resolution, 0.03ms G2G response time, 1.5 million:1 contrast ratio, 10-bit colour depth and a wide colour gamut covering 98.5% of the DCI-P3 reference space. The screen again supports hardware calibration like the old model did, something unique to LG at the moment in this 27 ” gaming OLED segment.

Being an OLED panel it can offer per pixel level dimming, delivering true blacks and a basically infinite contrast ratio (subject to ambient lighting conditions). It meets the VESA DisplayHDR 400 True Black certification tier as well, not to be confused with the HDR 400 tier used for LCD monitors.

The 240Hz refresh rate is backed by adaptive-sync for variable refresh rates, with the screen receiving the NVIDIA ‘G-sync Compatible’ and AMD ‘FreeSync Premium Pro’ certifications.#

For connectivity there are 1x DisplayPort 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.1, 2x USB data ports and a 4-pole sound+mic jack. The stand offers a full range of tilt, height, swivel and rotate adjustments.

Pricing and Availability

The 27GS95QE is listed on LG’s website at a price of $899.99 USD and is available now. It’s also starting to appear on some regional Amazon stores including the US and Canada, check out availability and pricing for your region on Amazon here.

Source: LG

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