Asus Showcase Dual Refresh Rate ROG Swift PG32UCDP OLED Monitor at CES 2024

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Just before Christmas Asus published a short video tease of their forthcoming “Dual-mode gaming OLED monitor”, the Asus ROG Swift PG32UCDP. This will be a 32″ sized (accurately 31.5″) OLED monitor using LG.Display’s forthcoming WOLED panel, and will offer the ability to select between 4K 240Hz, or FHD (1080p) 480Hz modes for gaming. At the CES event in Las Vegas they have now unveiled some further information and showcased it officially. We have a bit more information on the new screen below.

Dual-mode Refresh Rate

The PG32UCDP is a 31.5″ sized (32″ class) WOLED monitor with a native 3840 x 2160 “4K” resolution panel and a native 240Hz refresh rate. As we discussed in our LG.Display panel roadmaps, most recently in December, their new forthcoming panel can operate at 4K 240Hz, but also supports a feature called DFR (Dynamic Frequency and Resolution) which allows the screen to be run at a lower 1080p/FHD resolution but at 480Hz refresh rate.

This allows users to switch their screen between the two modes depending on their gaming genre and your priorities. You can either focus on resolution and run in 4K mode (and let’s face it, 240Hz is hardly “slow”!), or switch to 1080p mode to focus on frame rates and motion clarity with the jump up to 480Hz. Asus call this “dual-mode” operation.

Other New Specs

While a full spec page has not been provided yet, we know from the Asus CES press event that this screen will feature various other features. This includes the use of LG.Display’s brighter WOLED panels that can reach a 1300 nits peak brightness, a 30% increase in their previous OLED monitors which reached 1000 nits peak. Asus’ uniform brightness mode will continue to be useful to help mitigate dimming and ABL during desktop uses, and the screen will also feature their custom heatsink which avoids the need to use an active cooling fan.

Asus also promote their supposedly improved text clarity on all their new models thanks to their “clear pixel edge” technology, something that is present on the 34″ ultrawide PG34WCDM which we have with us now for review – so we will comment on that further in the forthcoming review. We know from our panel roadmaps that the 32″ model discussed in this news piece will also feature LG.Display’s updated pixel layout (more info here), and so combined with the improved pixel density to 140 PPI, we should see some positive changes to text clarity, especially with this 32″ model.

From a connectivity point of view there is USB type-C provided along with Smart KVM support. HDMI 2.1 was also covered in their promotional video for CES (capabilities not listed) but DisplayPort was not mentioned at all. It’s possible Asus are still investigating whether DP 2.1 could be added to the 27″ 480Hz and 32″ 4K 240Hz models, although as we reported in our recent article, this is difficult and challenging at this time. More details to be confirmed later on.

Interestingly Asus have added ELMB (Extreme Low Motion Blur) to their new gen 3 OLED monitors, something we talked about more in our news piece here.

What about the PG32UCDM model?

Asus have previously announced and showcased another 32″ OLED screen at Gamescom 2023 with their PG32UCDM. That model is based on Samsung Display’s equivalent QD-OLED panel, and is expected to be released to market first although that lacks the “dual mode” support and has only 4K 240Hz support. That screen is expected to be released in Q1 2024, with the P model using LG.Display’s panel coming later in the year probably around Sept/Oct by our estimations based on panel production plans.

Loads more panel information

Loads more information on the LG.Display WOLED panel details, specs and timescales for the panels that will be used in this new screen is included in our new roadmap video here, including information on improved text clarity, updated pixel layouts, new panel sizes, higher resolutions, higher refresh rates, brighter HDR and even….glossy panels!

Pricing and Availability

Asus did not provide any details at this time, but based on the panel production schedule we have at the moment we would expect this screen to be released around Aug/Sept 2024. More info when we get it.

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