ICC Profiles – S – Z

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Samsung BX2431Eye-One + Match 3User80 cd/m22985453740
Samsung C24FG73ColorMunki DisplayUserGamma 12075464654
Samsung C27F591ColorMunki + DisplayCALUserDefaults
Samsung C27RG50X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 32775375443Custom
Samsung C32HG70X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentral3175495055Custom
Samsung C49HG90X-rite i1 Display ProUserGamma 14175505050
Samsung C49RG90X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 11575464768Custom
Samsung F2380X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 14975484243Custom
Samsung AMOLED Galaxy Book12X-rite i1 Display ProUserGamma 2.250
Samsung AMOLED Galaxy Book12X-rite i1 Display ProUserGamma 2.4100
Samsung LS19TWHSUVLZDX-rite i1 ProUserGamma 23591282832Custom
Samsung Odyssey G7 C27G75TX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 21775465046Custom
Samsung Odyssey G7 C32G75TX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 21775485047Custom
Samsung S22F350?UserGamma 150505055Custom
Samsung S24A650X-rite DTP94 + ArgyllUserGamma 14278505050
Samsung S24D300ManufacturerUserGamma 2.26274505050Normal
Samsung S24D300Spyder3 + DisplayCALUserGamma 16274564751
Samsung S27A850DX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 11775434845Custom
Samsung S27A850Di1 Display Pro + BasICColorUser2575355037Mode 1
Samsung S27B370Pantone Huey Pro + ArgyllUserMode14240654548User
Samsung S27B970D (Collection)X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralSee ReviewSee review
Samsung S27H85xi1 Display ProUser6500k73
Samsung S27H85xi1 Display ProUser7500k73
Samsung SM206BWLaCie Blue Eye ProDigitalversus
Samsung SM215TWLaCie Blue Eye ProUser3080153232
Samsung SM2233RZLaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentral5575184111
Samsung SM226BWLaCie Blue Eye ProDigitalversusAUO panelInternet
Samsung SM226BWLaCie Blue Eye ProDigitalversusSamsung panel
Samsung SM226BWLaCie Blue Eye ProDigitalversusCMO panel4875623126
Samsung SM2333SWX-rite i1 Pro2 + ArgyllUserDefault settings
Samsung SM2333TX-rite DTP94 + ArgyllUserGamma 15273455350
Samsung SM245BLaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentral3075583837
Samsung SM245TLaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentral2075504954
Samsung SM305TLaCie Blue Eye ProDigitalversus
Samsung SM913VPantone Huey ProUserGamma 18080505050Normal
Samsung SM931CLaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentral35403220
Samsung SM932B PlusLaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentral4070585050
Samsung SM932MWLaCie Blue Eye Pro Proof EdUser24Normal
Samsung SM971PLaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentral6070
Samsung SM971PSpyder 3 + BasICColorUserGamma 33578293243
Samsung T24A550ColorMunki PhotoUserColor Tone standard
Samsung U28D590DX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 12475504540Custom
Samsung U28E510Spyder5 ProUser
Samsung U32E850RSpyder4 EliteUserGamma mode 12751455151Custom
Samsung XL20LaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentral4580484350
Seiki Pro SM40UNPSpyder4 / ArgyllPC PerspectiveSelect 6500k mode first before user define37509691100User Define


(Click for ICC download)
Toshiba Satellite Pro L670-1CZX-rite i1 Display ProUser
Toshiba Tecra A11-1D9X-rite i1 Display ProUser1366×768
Toshiba Tecra S10-163X-rite i1 Display ProUser1680×1050
Toshiba Tecra S11-104X-rite i1 Display ProUser1600×900


(Click for ICC download)
ViewSonic VP2365wbLaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentral6770629778User Color
ViewSonic VP2768LaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentralGamma 2.225709893100Custom
ViewSonic VP2770-LED (collection)X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralsee review
ViewSonic VP2772 (Native)X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentral2370Native
ViewSonic VP2772 (User)X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentral28709994100User
ViewSonic VP2780-4KX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentral8709292100User Color
ViewSonic VP3881X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 2.22470999100Custom Mode
ViewSonic VX2435WMLaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentral30User
ViewSonic VX2458-CX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 2.2070554742Standard
ViewSonic VX2739wmLaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentralUser Color6970718685User Color
ViewSonic VX2739wmLaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentral6500k69706500k mode
ViewSonic VX2835WMLaCie Blue Eye ProDigitalversus
ViewSonic VX922LaCie Blue Eye ProDigitalversus
ViewSonic XG2402Spectracal C6 HDR2000UserGamma 2.427969286
ViewSonic XG2431X-rite i1 Pro 2 + CalmanTFTCentralCustom color237099100100Standard
ViewSonic Elite XG270QGX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 2.215709294100Custom 1
Vizio-M-Series Razor Mxx1Di1 Display ProUserBacklight 525059Normal


(Click for ICC download)
Yamakasi Catleap Q270SEX-rite DTP94User10 steps up
Yashi YZ4141Spyder2 ExpressUserDefault OSD

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