MSI MEG 271Q with 27″ 1440p, 300Hz, G-sync Ultimate and Mini LED Backlight Announced

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There’s not a massive amount of information about this new screen yet, but as part of NVIDIA’s CES press release they have mentioned a new screen from MSI – the MEG 271Q. MSI also provide some additional information on their press release. This is a 27″ gaming monitor with a 2560 x 1440 resolution and 300Hz high refresh rate. We believe that will be a 240Hz native refresh rate, with a 300Hz overclocking mode. This is a similar model to the AOC AGON Pro AG274QGM which we brought you news about today. MSI are keen to say theirs is “the world’s first 27” 300Hz Rapid IPS mini led monitor”, but so are AOC – we will see which one really gets to market first! Specs and features are very similar to that AOC model of course, read on for more information.

NVIDIA G-sync Ultimate and Reflex Latency Analyzer

The screen features a Native NVIDIA G-sync module, G-sync Ultimate certification and NVIDIA’s additional Reflex Latency Analyzer technology. The G-sync module will support the overclock, while also bringing about quality VRR experience, and other benefits like variable overdrive and super-low input lag. The Reflex Latency Analyzer allows you to easily and quickly track the latency and performance of your system and display. Check out our article linked above for a lot more information on that. MSI also promote a 1ms G2G response time of course as is the trend nowadays for gaming displays.

Reflex Analyzer is now automatically configured too – making latency measurement a 1-click experience that is incredibly easy to use.  Now, all you have to do is plug your mouse into the proper USB port on your monitor and hit Alt + R – that’s it. You can now switch weapons, use weapons without muzzle flashes, and measure latency while playing the game.

With this latest update, the flash indicator is now controlled by GeForce Experience and will only be shown if the latency or Reflex Analyzer overlays are enabled. Gamers with a Reflex Mouse will be provided full end-to-end system latency measurements, while gamers without a Reflex Mouse can still measure PC + Display Latency. To use automatic configuration on your Reflex Analyzer display in a supported Reflex game, grab the next release of GeForce Experience and the latest Game Ready Driver.

The MSI MEG 271Q is listed in NVIDIA’s CES 2022 press release and shown above

Mini LED Backlight and HDR 1000

The screen also sports a Mini LED backlight with reportedly 576 dimming zones (MSI just say “more than 500”), for improved contrast, local dimming and HDR experience. It achieves the VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certification as well, which includes the need for a peak brightness of 1000 nits. This also requires 10-bit colour depth and a wide colour gamut, with 97% DCI-P3 coverage expected.

Esports Vibrance

Competitive gamers have long used the “Digital Vibrance” mode in the NVIDIA Control Panel to help make enemies pop and add more colour to scenes. The new class of 1440p G-SYNC esports displays have an enhanced vibrance mode – specifically tuned for esports – built directly into the monitor firmware.

Dual-Format 25”

Sometimes you might want to play on a smaller display for certain games. With ‘Dual-Format’ mode, you can play at the familiar 25” diagonal size at 1080p. Simply enable Dual-Format in the monitor settings and choose your desired resolution. This is useful for those who might want to game at 1080p instead of the native 1440p to improve frame rates or push up game settings.

More info on specs, regional release dates and pricing when we get it.

Source: NVIDIA and MSI

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