AOC Introduce Four New G2 Series Gaming Screens with 1080p IPS Panels

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This week AOC have announced 4 new models in their G2 Series of displays, aimed at gaming. There are two models which are 27″ in size, the 27G2U and 27G2U5, as well as two smaller 23.8″ sized models, the 24G2U and 24G2U5. The models ending with 5 are lower refresh rate models with only 75Hz maximum supported, while the two ending in U feature a 144Hz refresh rate. All four screens are based on IPS technology panels with a 1920 x 1080 resolution, support AMD FreeSync for variable refresh rates, as well as an advertised 1ms MPRT spec.

All models come in a polished and modern design with striking red accents on the bezel and the back of the monitor.

The U models (27G2U and 24G2U) offer the higher refresh rate of 144Hz and also have a wider colour gamut covering 120%/126% of the sRGB reference respectively according to the press release. Fans of slower-paced games like strategy and adventures, who do not need very high refresh rates, may rather wish to choose the 27G2U5 and 24G2U5 with 75 Hz. The colour space is not mentioned for those U5 models, which implies they are likely to be based on standard sRGB gamut backlights. We do know that in other specs they all offer a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 250 cd/m2 brightness and 178/178 viewing angles.

The 1ms MPRT spec is interesting here, as that implies the screens will feature strobing blur reduction backlights to make that spec possible. That’s understandable on the U models which have 144Hz, but it seems surprising to potentially offer that on the 75Hz U5 models. We couldn’t seem to confirm this from the AOC spec pages.

The G2 Series incorporates a number of other gaming-specific features. The low input lag ensures that users will receive the visual feedback of their actions without any noticeable delay. By adjusting AOC Game Color, gamers can increase or decrease the colour saturation to better see their opponents and gain an advantage over them. Using the Dial Point feature, gamers can place a crosshair in the middle of the screen to help them aim precisely and accurately. Flicker-free technology and Low Blue Light mode help to better accommodate longer gaming sessions. Finally, a new, sleek and customised gaming software for adjusting these (and more) settings is also included in the package.

All four models offer two HDMI interfaces, a DisplayPort for connecting a variety of sources and a VGA input for legacy computers. Users can choose to connect their headset to the headphones output or use the integrated 2W speakers. A built-in USB hub gives gamers the option of connecting peripherals such as keyboard and/or mouse. The screens also offer a stand with full range of ergonomic adjustments including tilt, height, swivel and rotate.

The monitors had their European premiere at the worlds’ biggest gaming fair, Gamescom in Cologne, Germany between 20-24 August 2019.

The 144 Hz models, the 27G2U and 24G2U will debut in the shops in September and the 75 Hz 27G2U5 and 24G2U5 in October 2019.

MSRPs of the monitors are as follows for the UK:

 24G2U  £179,00
 24G2U5  £149,00
 27G2U   £229,00
 24G2U5  £189,00

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