The Asus ROG Swift PG27AQDP 480Hz OLED Monitor is Not Glossy

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This is a quick post to provide an update to a topic that’s been discussed a lot on our X/Twitter feed and YouTube channel. Some early reports coming out of the CES 2024 event this week in Las Vegas showed that the forthcoming Asus ROG Swift PG27AQDP 480Hz OLED would feature a glossy screen coating. Pictures and videos were provided from various sources, but this confused us as to our knowledge the WOLED panel being used here from LG.Display was not planned to be glossy. Apparently, the Asus reps at the CES booth also confirmed this was the final version of the product (which is partially true as you can see below).

Some early pictures of the screen from CES suggesting a shiiny, glossy panel coating

Further investigation reveals this is incorrect

After further investigation we have had confirmation from Asus’ product and project managers, and from the panel manufacturer LG.Display that this screen will NOT be glossy. LG.Display confirmed that they are not planning to produce a glossy version of this 480Hz OLED panel at this time, it will feature the standard matte anti-glare coating of their existing WOLED panels including the 27” 240Hz versions widely used today.

Later photos of the screen show the real matte AG coating of the panel

So what happened?

Amusingly (although perhaps not for the Asus reps involved) it seems that Asus had neglected to remove the shiny plastic protective coating from the screen when it was first set up! This makes it look shiny and very reflective as you can see from the initial pictures, but underneath that protective sheet is the standard matte AG coating.

Later photos of the screen show the real matte AG coating of the panel

Visitors to the booth later on found the screen to have the expected matte coating as pictured here. Oops. The Asus rep was correct in that it was the final version of the product, it’s just that noone had removed the protective film that the screen will be shipped with!

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