Samsung Odyssey Neo G95NC with 57″ Super-Ultrawide, 7680 x 2160 Res, 240Hz Refresh, Mini LED and DP 2.1

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Samsung have announced today ahead of the CES 2023 event that starts on Thursday their new Odyssey Neo G9 series monitor, the G95NC. This is the World’s first “dual Ultra HD” (dual 4K) monitor with a whopping 7680 x 2160 resolution and a super ultrawide format. The screen is a huge 57″ in size and compared with the older G9 models which were “only” 49″, the size has been increased and the resolution has been increased substantially from the 5120 x 1440 (Dual QHD) to dual UltraHD now. Add to this the 240Hz refresh rate, Mini LED backlight, HDR 1000 certification and even DisplayPort 2.1 connectivity and you’ve got one beast of a monitor. Read on for more information!

Samsung Odyssey Neo G95NC Specs

The screen is a huge 57″ in size and has a super ultrawide format and 32:9 aspect ratio. There is a 7680 x 2160 resolution, the same as dual 4K monitors and the screen has a 1000R curvature. There is a high 240Hz refresh rate, and although not listed in the press release the screen will surely feature adaptive-sync for G-sync and FreeSync support.

Quantum Mini LED backlight

Like other recent Odyssey screens from Samsung the G95NC has a so-called Quantum Mini LED backlight, basically a Mini LED backlight combined with Quantum Dot screen coating. This provide a large number of local dimming zones for HDR content and improved dynamic range, as well as a screen coating that provides a wide colour gamut for colour enhancements. There’s no information provides yet on the number of dimming zones, or specs for colour gamut. More information when we get it. The screen is promoted as featuring HDR 1000 which means a peak brightness of at least 1000 nits.

DisplayPort 2.1 Featured

Samsung are also promoting the G95NC as the World’s first screen to feature DisplayPort 2.1, although we’re sure there will be several screens boasting this same “world’s first” at CES this year. Samsung talk about the use of Display Stream Compression (DSC) here but it’s not clear what bandwidth the DisplayPort 2.1 connection will offer. Update 4/1/22 – according to a VESA press release promoting DP 2.1, this screen will use UHBR 13.5 link rates (total 54 Gbps bandwidth). You might want to read our detailed article about DisplayPort 2.1 here for more information but the screen will feature some of the new UHBR bandwidth, as even with DSC the 7680 x 2160 @ 240Hz is way beyond DisplayPort 1.4’s bandwidth.

More information on specs, availability and pricing when we get it.

Source: Samsung

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