LG Tease Exciting New Range of OLED Monitors for CES 2024

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Ahead of the CES 2024 event in January next year, LG Electronics have today teased some new screens in their monitor line-up which look to be using some of the new WOLED panels from LG.Display, the panel manufacturer. There’s new models in 27″, 31.5″, 34″, 39″ and 45″ sizes with a range of exciting specs.

LG 32GS95UE – 31.5″ with 4K @ 240Hz and 1080p @ 480Hz Support

Headlining the new range is the 32GS95UE, a 31.5″ sized (32″ class) OLED monitor with a native 3840 x 2160 “4K” resolution panel and a native 240Hz refresh rate. As we discussed in our LG.Display panel roadmap updates this year in March and August, their new panel can operate at 240Hz, but also supports a feature called DFR (Dynamic Frequency and Resolution) which allows the screen to be run at a lower 1080p resolution but at 480Hz refresh rate.

This allows users, via a simple use of a dedicated button on the bottom of the monitor LGE say, to switch their screen between the two modes depending on their gaming genre and your priorities. You can either focus on resolution and run in 4K mode (and let’s face it, 240Hz is hardly “slow”!), or switch to 1080p mode to focus on frame rates and motion clarity with the jump up to 480Hz.

Loads more information about this new panel, in our new roadmap video:

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‘Pixel Sound Technology’

Also mentioned in the press release, and presumably related to the 32GS95UE discussed above, is a new sound technology built in to the panels which “directly produces sound by vibrating film components applied to the OLED display, was also applied for the first time among monitor products. Unlike monitors that combine side or rear speakers, the display directs sound toward the user in front, making it clearer. Compared to connecting separate speakers to the monitor, the video and sound are transmitted simultaneously on the screen, making it more realistic.”

LG 34GS95QE (34″) and 39GS95QE (39″) ultrawides

Also mentioned with some limited information in the press release tease are two new ultrawide screens, available in 34″ and 39″ sizes. We know that these have an 800R curvature along with a 3440 x 1440 resolution and (based on the panel) a 240Hz refresh rate. The 34GS95QE will be LGE’s equivalent to the previously announced Asus ROG Swift PG34WCDM we saw showcased at Gamescom in August 2023 and we know that the 34″ panel is now in production as of Dec 2023. The 34-inch screen also won an ‘Innovation Award’ at CES 2024.

The slightly larger 39GS95QE would be the first monitor announced using LG.Display’s new 39″ ultrawide panel with a 3440 x 1440 resolution and 240Hz refresh rate. Giving you a screen size and pixel density that sits in between the 34″ and 45″ offerings. No other display manufacturers have announced 39″ ultrawide models like this, although we wouldn’t be surprised to see more unveiled at CES in January. The panel for this is also now in mass production as of Dec 2023.

LG 45GS95QE, 45GS96QB – 45″ curved ultrawides

Also referenced in the teaser are two new 45″ sized screens. There’s not much information about these at all, so we will probably need to wait until CES for further details. We know that LG.Display already produce a 45″ ultrawide panel with 3440 x 1440 resolution and 240Hz, as used in several available monitors already including for instance the Corsair Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240 that we’ve reviewed and a model of their own too, the LG 45GR95QE.

It’s possible these new screens will be using that same panel and simply have some updates specs, connections or features. It’s also possible that they will feature a new panel that we discussed in our previous updates in March and August 2023. If it’s using the new panel it would have a higher 5120 x 2160 WUHD resolution giving a much higher pixel density and sharper image, and would have either a 165Hz or 240Hz refresh rate.

It’s hard to know for certain at this stage which it will be, although our current best guess based on the known panel development timelines (loads more info coming very soon in a new video!) is that these new monitors would use the existing 3440 x 1440 resolution WOLED panel. We will update this news piece as soon as we hear any more.

LG 27GS95QE – 27″ OLED with specs TBC

Also mentioned in passing is a new 27″ screen which we are sure will feature a 2560 x 1440 resolution. There are quite a few possibilities for this screen with some new and updated panels in this size planned, so we will not speculate here what other specs might be featured. You will be able to get some information about possible 27″ specs in our panel roadmap update coming very soon.

More info on specs, exciting improvements, release timescales coming soon

Loads more information on the LG.Display WOLED panel details, specs and timescales for the panels that will be used in these new screens is included in our new roadmap video here, including information on improved text clarity, updated pixel layouts, new panel sizes, higher resolutions, higher refresh rates, brighter HDR and even….glossy panels!

Source: LiVE LG Korea

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