AOC Launch New AGON Series 5 Displays with up to 270Hz Refresh and 1440p Resolution

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AOC have this week announced two new models in their AGON 5 line-up of gaming monitors. There’s the 27″ AG275QZ/EU with a Fast IPS panel, and the lower cost 27″ AG275QZN/EU (notice the extra “N” in the model name) with a VA panel announced. Both offer a high refresh rate and all the typical gaming features you would expect to find on the AGON brand. The latest generation AGON 5 models were first introduced in October 2022 with two 165 Hz models, also equipped with Fast IPS or Fast VA panels. Now, with the AG275QZ/EU and AG275QZN/EU, AGON by AOC raises the bar to eSports-level at 270 Hz or 240 Hz.

Both the AG275QZ/EU and AG275QZN/EU feature a revamped design compared to previous AGON models, with a sleeker and cleaner appearance. The 3-sides borderless design makes them ideal to be placed in multi-monitor setups. The metal base of their premium stand features a reduced footprint on the desk, so even compact battle stations can employ these monitors. Furthermore, with height-adjustable stands offering swivel, pivot and tilt functionality. Thanks to the built-in cable-management opening in the stand and built-in power supply, these models reduce clutter on the desk allowing gamers to concentrate on the task at hand. A built-in 4-port USB hub (USB 3.2 Gen 1) is included in both models as well, so users can connect their peripherals, joysticks, or controller easily.

The comprehensive menu system on its OSD can be used with a joystick or the AOC G-Menu software, allowing users to change colour/luminance settings to calibrate them to perfection, as well as offering gaming or comfort features such as crosshair overlay, Shadow Control or Low Blue mode. AOC also specifically list “virtual 4K” support for both screens to support 4K console input.


This model is 27″ in size and based on a 2560 x 1440 resolution Fast IPS panel. It has a 240Hz refresh rate, with an overclock mode allowing this to be boosted up to 270Hz. This is supported by adaptive-sync for VRR from both NVIDIA and AMD systems. There is a 1ms G2G and 0.5ms MPRT spec, the latter indicates the availability of a motion blur reduction backlight option., A Quantum Dot coating is used to offer a wide colour gamut covering 100% sRGB, 97.5% DCI-P3 and 99.9% Adobe RGB coverage, as well as the screen also supporting a 10-bit colour depth and 1.07b colours.

The screen carries the HDR 400 certification, normally pretty meaningless but in this case there are at least some basic edge-lit local dimming zones (16) provided, along with the colour enhancements for HDR content discussed above. There are 2x DisplayPort 1.4 and 2x HDMI 2.0 inputs provided along with 4x USB ports and a headphone jack.


This model is also 27″ in size but based on a 2560 x 1440 resolution VA technology panel. It has a 240Hz refresh rate (no overclock on the N model) supported by adaptive-sync for VRR from both NVIDIA and AMD systems. There is also a 1ms G2G response time, 0.5ms MPRT from the motion blur reduction mode, and a higher contrast ratio of 3000:1 thanks to that VA panel. This model has a smaller colour gamut with 99.7% sRGB, 89.9% DCI-P3 and 89.3% Adobe RGB coverage quoted, as well as an 8-bit 16.7m colour depth.

This model also has the HDR 400 certification, but is a classic example of where that is pretty meaningless. There’s no local dimming listed on this model to actually improve the dynamic range (although being a VA panel it’s got a decent static contrast ratio), and it lacks the wide colour gamut and 10-bit colour depth associated with HDR content as well. There are 2x DisplayPort 1.4 and 2x HDMI 2.0 inputs provided along with 4x USB ports and a headphone jack.

Pricing and Availability

The AGON AG275QZ/EU and AGON AG275QZN/EU will be available from November 2022 at an MSRP of £629.99 and £439.99, respectively.

More info: AG275QZ/EU and AG275QZN/EU

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