Samsung Planning New G75 Curved Gaming Monitor with 4K Resolution and HDR 1000

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We have very little information about this possible new screen, but it has appeared on the list of CES 2021 Innovation award honorees. It suggests that Samsung are planning to launch a new model in what they are calling their G75 lineup, perhaps following on from their existing “Odyssey G7” models. Although even those current models actually have the model designations with “G75” in them (C27G75T and C32G75T). Confusing. Anyway, the screen talked about on the CES website is the “Samsung G75 curved gaming monitor“.

What we do know is that the new screen according to the CES website is the manufacturer’s first 4K / UltraHD (3840 x 2160 resolution) gaming monitor. It is a curved screen (1000R) and will also offer HDR 1000 certification and the RGB lighting system seen on the G7 models.

Nothing else is listed about the screen . We don’t know how big it will be, what panel technology will be used, the refresh rate or any other specs.

The CES page says: “Samsung’s G75 curved gaming monitor is its first with UHD and arrives when 4K gameplay is becoming a reality thanks to improvements in computer hardware performance, as well as gamers’ growing demand for immersive gameplay and vivid detail.

G75’s UHD resolution and HDR1000 brightness deliver sophisticated visuals, exceptional picture quality and immersive gameplay. Its attractive price also makes 4K gaming increasingly affordable and within gamers’ reach.

G75 features Samsung’s signature 1000R curvature, as well as a core lighting design on the back and an eye-shaped lighting design on the front, in keeping with the brand’s aesthetically designed gaming monitor lineup.”

We will update this news piece when we have more information.

Source: CES

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