MSI MEG551U 55″ OLED Display Expected in 2022 with 4K and 120Hz

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MSI didn’t release much information about this new display, but we expect more to be announced at CES 2022 as it has already received a CES Innovation Award. It looks like they are set to release a massive 55″ OLED display in their gaming line-up, following in the footsteps of other manufacturers like Dell, Acer and ViewSonic who have all announced or released similar options. The MSI screen will be called the MEG551U and from what we know so far will offer a 3840 x 2160 “4K” resolution, 120Hz refresh rate and have a 0.5ms response time (realistic for OLED).

OLED Panel for great HDR

Being based on an OLED panel it will be able to offer per-pixel dimming and offer great performance as a result for HDR content. This allows pixels to be individually turned off, producing “true black” and basically infinite contrast ratio.

No specs are provided at the moment for things like peak brightness (expect 700 – 800 cd/m2), colour gamut (expect >90% DCI-P3), colour depth (10-bit very likely), or HDR standard support (expect at least HDR10 obviously, but unclear on things like HLG or Dolby Vision).

Other specs not confirmed yet

While not announced or confirmed yet, we would expect the screen to include modern HDMI 2.1 connections like competing TV’s such as the popular LG CX / C1 range. We would expect this to also then bring support for HDMI-VRR and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and make it a suitable screen for modern games consoles. Whether or not PC connectivity like DisplayPort will be included remains to be seen, but the display does seem to be aimed more at that “monitor” market instead of the “TV” market. It’s not clear what exactly has earned MSI the CES Innovation Award either at this stage.

More details when we get them

Source: FlatpanelsHD

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