LG 38WN95C with 37.5″ IPS Panel, 3840 x 1600, 144Hz, Adaptive-Sync and HDR600

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LG have announced their line-up of displays that they will showcase at next year’s CES event in January. Among them is the 38WN95C which is a FreeSync alternative to the only-just-about released 38GL950G with a few upgraded specs. The 38WN95C is 37.5″ in size and features a 3840 x 1600 resolution and 24:10 ultrawide aspect ratio. It has a 144Hz refresh rate which is supported by adaptive-sync, giving variable refresh rate support from both AMD and NVIDIA systems. The screen is also certified as ‘G-sync Compatible’ by NVIDIA.

The screen is based on a similar, but slightly updated LG.Display Nano IPS panel as the 38GL950G. It’s a curved panel (2300R) and the main difference is that this updated panel offers VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification which is at least a reasonable step up from HDR400. This necessitates the need for some form of local dimming (edge-lit will be used here) to at least offer some form of meaningful HDR output. This is also supported by the screens wide 98% DCI-P3 colour gamut and 1.07b colour depth.

The other main change from the 38GL950G is that this new model will offer a Thunderbolt 3 connection and a second HDMI 2.0 port, as well as 1x DisplayPort 1.4. There are also 2x USB 3.0 ports provided.

The new model also carries the same 1ms G2G response time spec as the 38GL950G but this should be taken with a pinch of salt for IPS technology. There is also a 450 cd/m2 ‘typical’ brightness spec, and presumably a >600 cd/m2 peak brightness for HDR although that’s not listed in the press release.

The stand provides tilt, height and swivel adjustments. The screen is also a ‘CES Innovation Award’ winner. CES 2020 visitors will be able to experience first-hand the ultimate user convenience, remarkable picture quality and blazing speed of LG’s 2020 Ultra monitors in booth #11100 of Central Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center. See other LG announcements at CES by following #LGCES2020 on social media.

According to the latest LG.Display panel production roadmaps we have, this new HDR600 version of the panel is penciled in for mass production in Q1 2020, which means that at best we could expect to see this new display in Q2 next year. Our personal view is that this will slip, especially given how long it has taken for the 38GL950G panel/display to be finalized. H2 next year would be a safe bet I think right now.

Differences between the 38GL950G and this new 38WN95C:

  • 950G has Native G-sync module which may offer superior VRR performance with wider operation range and benefits such as variable overdrive and guaranteed low lag. You would hope the 95C also offers low lag but this will need to be verified.
  • 95C has support for both AMD and NVIDIA systems through adaptive-sync instead giving better future proofing. It is still certified G-sync Compatible for verified VRR performance
  • 950G has additional boosted refresh rate through an overclock feature, from native 144Hz up to 175Hz max
  • 95C has added HDR600 support with edge-lit local dimming. 950G has meaningless HDR400 with no local dimming capability. It also offers a higher peak brightness of >600 cd/m2 as a result.
  • 95C has added Thunderbolt 3 connection and an additional HDMI 2.0 (both have DP 1.4).
  • There’s no mention of the Sphere lighting on the new 95C, and if it follows the same pattern as their 34GK950F (FreeSync) and 34GK950G (G-sync) 34″ models, that will only appear on the 950G model here too.

More info on pricing and availability when we get it.

Source: LG

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