Dell Alienware AW2521HF Information Appears Online, 24.5″ Model with 240Hz IPS Panel

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2 January 2020 – now updated with more information.

A bit of early information about an interesting new gaming monitor from Dell has appeared online. Listed on AMD’s FreeSync monitor list is a new 24.5″ sized model, the Alienware AW2521HF. This features a 1920 x 1080 resolution IPS technology panel, with support for 240Hz refresh rate.

Dell have already recently released a 27″ IPS display with a 240Hz refresh rate, the AW2720HF. That screen is one of the first 240Hz IPS monitors on the market, and we’ve already reviewed Acer’s competing Nitro XV273 X model which gives us an understanding of how well these new panels can perform and just how fast they are.

There’s very little information available about the forthcoming AW2521HF so far, but we can glean a few useful specs and features. We know that like the 27″ model, the resolution will be 1080p, although that is a more popular and practical option on the smaller 24.5″ screen size for many people. Adaptive-sync is supported for variable refresh rates of between 48 – 240Hz, meaning the screen can support both AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-sync systems. It remains to be seen whether it will be officially certified under the ‘G-sync Compatible’ program or not. LFC is supported for low frame rates. We also know that there will be DisplayPort and HDMI connections provided both supporting the above VRR range.

We can take an educated guess at some of the other likely specs based on previously announced 24.5″ IPS 240Hz models like the Acer XV253QX and VG252QX, given that they are all using the same AU Optronics AHVA (IPS-type) panel. We would expect to see a 1ms G2G response time, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 400 cd/m2 brightness, 178/178 viewing angles, 8-bit colour depth and standard sRGB colour gamut. Expect to see a similar design to the 27″ Dell AW2720HF model including probably the AlienFX lighting features.

More information on official specs, pricing and availability when we get it

Update 2/1/20 – We have some official information about this screen now from Dell that we can share with you. We haven’t been given any further specs yet though.

Response Time and Gaming

The screen will indeed feature a 1ms G2G response time spec which Dell are promoting heavily for this screen. They even call it a “true 1ms response time”. We remain sceptical given what we’ve seen from other so-called 1ms IPS panels. As long as it’s fast enough to keep up with the 240Hz refresh rate (<4.17ms) we will be happy.

Despite being a 240Hz capable screen It will NOT have an added blur reduction backlight mode though sadly, although the combination of fast response times and high refresh rate should offer some great gaming performance like we have already seen from models like the Acer Nitro XV273 X. Users may also prefer to use FreeSync/G-sync on a screen with this high a refresh rate too.


The screen has also been designed and battle tested with professional eSports players from Team Liquid and is the Official Competition Monitor of the LCS, LEC and League of Legends Global Events. It has “a newly designed thinner, sleek adjustable stand with vertically slim legs that fit under a keyboard. It is constructed with premium materials and featuring height markers for greater versatility and easier adjustability.” There is also optimized ventilation on the back and sides and there is a 3 side borderless design. Alien FX lighting has also been confirmed as expected.

Availability and Pricing

The screen is expected to be available from 11th March 2020 according to the information we’ve been given. Pricing is to be confirmed still.

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