Asus VG258QR with 165Hz TN Film panel and 0.5ms Response Time

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Asus are soon to release a new 24.5″ sized screen in their gaming lineup, the VG258QR. This new model is based on a TN Film technology panel, with the latest generation of specs being offered courtesy of the updated panels that we know AU Optronics have been working on, as per our previous news article in May 2018.  Among other gamer-orientated specs and features, the VG258QR will offer a 0.5ms G2G response time spec and 165Hz refresh rate.

The screen is based on a TN Film technology panel with 1920 x 1080 resolution. In other specs there is a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 400 cd/m2 brightness, 170/160 viewing angles, 6-bit+FRC colour depth and standard sRGB gamut. AMD FreeSync is supported with a range of 40 – 165Hz (with LFC for below that). There are also other gaming extras like a low input lag “through mode” setting, FPS counter, crosshair and the likes. Asus have also added their own motion blur reduction strobed backlight system, dubbed ELMB (Extreme Low Motion Blur).

Connectivity wise there are DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, DL-DVI (you don’t see DVI much nowadays!), a headphone output and an audio input connection provided. The stand offers a full range of tilt, height, swivel and rotate functions. 2x 2W integrated speakers are also included.

Source: Asus

Update 11/4/19 – The VG258QR has been officially certified as “G-sync Compatible” by NVIDIA and made their list of such monitors. This make it a good option for variable refresh rates even from compatible NVIDIA cards. The Asus press release says Since the launch of the G-SYNC Compatible program, ASUS has worked closely with NVIDIA to enlarge the G-SYNC ecosystem. ASUS is currently the only company subjecting monitors to a two-stage certification process that entails in-house testing and subsequent validation by NVIDIA to
guarantee compatibility with thousands of graphics cards. Eight ASUS monitors spanning a variety of
screen sizes and resolutions have achieved full compliance, giving consumers more freedom to upgrade existing systems or team  components for new builds

The VG258QR  is available now in some regions. It’s available in the UK at a current price of £299.99 and in Europe at 327 Euro

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