Acer XR383CKP with 37.5″ Ultrawide IPS Panel, 160Hz Refresh Rate and HDR 600

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Details of a new screen from Acer have appeared on The XR383CKP is a new 37.5″ sized ultrawide screen featuring a 3840 x 1600 resolution Nano IPS panel. It looks similar in specs and features to the LG 38GN950. The screen is curved in format (2300R) and has a 24:10 aspect ratio. There is a 144Hz native refresh rate, boosted a little to 160Hz via an overclocking feature. This is supported through adaptive-sync giving VRR support for both compatible NVIDIA and AMD systems.

We have previously reviewed an earlier generation 37.5″ model in the form of the LG 38GL950G. That featured a Native G-sync hardware module which allowed a slightly higher overclock to 175Hz. It did not have any local dimming though and so did not offer the HDR 600 certification that the newer LG 38GN950 or this new Acer XR383CKP offer. The testing from that first generation model though should give you an indication of what to expect from these new models.

The XR383CKP, like LG’s new 38GN950, boasts VESA Display HDR 600 certification which necessitates some form of backlight local dimming. This is edge-lit and so doesn’t provide that many zones, although it is better than nothing. It also means that for HDR content the screen can reach a peak luminance of 600cd/m2+, and there is a wide colour gamut covering 98% DCI-P3.

The XR383CKP has a quoted 0.3ms G2G minimum response time (1ms G2G normal) although we would take that with a large pinch of salt. In other specs there is a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 1.07b colour depth.

There is a USB type-C connection provided along with DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0. There are also 2x USB 3.0 ports and an audio output. Tilt, height and swivel adjustments are offered from the stand. 2x 7W speakers are also built in to the screen.

More info on regional availability and pricing when we have them

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