Acer Nitro XF272 X with 27″ 240Hz Panel and 0.3ms G2G Response Time

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We’ve recently reviewed the new Acer Nitro XF252Q display, a 24.5″ sized model with a 240Hz refresh rate TN Film panel and an ultra-low 0.3ms G2G response time specification. It uses the latest generation of AU Optronics panel where the response times have been improved. Acer are also soon to release a 27″ alternative, the Nitro XF272 X with similar specs, but in a larger screen size. This gives you a larger screen to play on for increased immersion, or more flexibility if you want to game from a further viewing distance.

The XF272 X is 27″ in size and features a 1920 x 1080 resolution TN Film panel, like the smaller XF252Q we’ve tested. The native 240Hz refresh rate is supported through adaptive-sync, giving support for both AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-sync systems. The headline 0.3ms G2G response time from the smaller model is offered here as well, representing the latest generation of AU Optronics panel where they have worked to drive response times down from the previous 1ms G2G spec, to 0.5ms G2G. We saw some positive improvements in performance when we tested the 24.5″ model, so expect to see the same kind of thing here on the 27″ alternative. A 400 cd/m2 brightness is listed and Acer talk about it being “HDR ready”, but like the 24.5″ model, this is little more than the ability to accept an HDR input, with no actual local dimming or increased dynamic range in reality.

There are DisplayPort 1.2, 2x HDMI 2.0 and 4x USB 3.0 ports offered for connectivity. 2x 2W speakers are also offered. Tilt, height and swivel adjustments are provided by the stand.

It’s not appeared yet in US or UK markets, but is listed on, a Taiwanese retailer. More info when we get it on availability and pricing elsewhere.

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