VESA Addresses Use of Illegitimate DisplayHDR 2000 Logo for Two Upcoming Monitors

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When we saw information released by Chinese retailer Taobao over the last week or so for the upcoming Samsung OdysseyG9v2 (S49AG95NC) and Acer EI491CRG9 monitors we were surprised at the mention of DisplayHDR 2000 in the specs. As we stated at the time in our news articles, “this is not actually an officially announced certification level yet from VESA. We have today received a press release from VESA to set the record straight on this “illegitimate use of the DisplayHDR 2000 logo”.

We will quote the press release as it covers this nicely:

“During the past week, the Chinese retail website Taobao has listed two display products that have a VESA certified “DisplayHDR 2000” logo — an updated Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor as well as a new Acer EI491CRG9 monitor. In addition, several media outlets have reported that these monitors have received “DisplayHDR 2000” certification from the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). VESA wishes to set the record straight on this development. There is no “DisplayHDR 2000” tier in the VESA DisplayHDR specification and logo program at this time.

VESA has no knowledge of the origins of the DisplayHDR 2000 logo currently posted on these display listings on the Taobao website. However, VESA takes any misuse of our trademarks and logos seriously. VESA does not endorse the use of this logo unless and until a DisplayHDR 2000 tier has been officially announced by VESA, and any products claiming to meet this tier level have been officially certified by VESA and are listed on our website at

Until the website displays DisplayHDR 2000, any such logo usage should be assumed to be unapproved and deceptive.

We did not believe this to be a legitimate certification at the time we reported on those two upcoming screens so it is good to see this clarification from VESA. It’s probably reasonable to assume that at some point there would be a new tier if monitors start achieving 2000 cd/m2 peak brightness for HDR, as at the moment the top brightness tier for LCD monitors in their scheme is HDR 1400 (1400 cd/m2). But even if these screens can achieve this, and if there were an HDR 2000 level, this isn’t just about brightness spec, the screen would need to confirm to other criteria VESA lay out for HDR, and the screen must also pass their certification scheme first.

Whether or not these screens will end up with an actual VESA certification by the time they are released to market is not clear at the moment. More updates as more official information is provided by the display manufacturers eventually.

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