Samsung Latest Panel Development Plans – October 2018

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We have some updates from Samsung about their panel development plans which is always interesting to see. This is Samsung as a panel manufacturer, as opposed to Samsung as a monitor/display manufacturer, but it gives an indication of where monitors are likely to go in the future by looking ahead at the panel production plans. Samsung make a large portion of the VA-type panels in the market as well as some of their IPS-type technology, called PLS. Please keep in mind that the production dates are not set in stone and may change, and there is then also a lag of several months before a panel is produced, then used in a display and launched to market. We have updated our panel parts database with all the new information we have as well as best we can. Here are the highlights

Some Plans for a Couple of New IPS-type Panels

Samsung don’t seem to have any major plans with their IPS-type technology (PLS), perhaps they are leaving that part of the market to AUO and LG.Display. They’ve still got plenty of 20 – 27″ sized panels in production that have been around for a while. The only new panels planned are nothing super-exciting but we will mention them anyway. There is a new 27″ panel with 2560 x 1440 resolution, 3-side borderless design, sRGB gamut and HDR 600 support, due to go in to production in January 2019. There is also a 24″ 1920 x 1200 (quite rare nowadays) resolution, 3-side borderless design, sRGB gamut and HDR 400 and 600 options, due to go in to production in Q1 2019. Both are listed as having Quantum Dot glass which puts in to question the sRGB spec being mentioned. Perhaps these are actually wider gamut DCI-P3 panels. The mention of “glass” is also interesting, although it remains to be seen whether these are really glossy/glass coated options or not.

Updated Refresh Rate for Some 31.5″ and 27″ VA Panels

Samsung are also developing a couple of curved (1800R) 31.5″ VA panels with Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution and a 3-side frameless design. A 60Hz version should already be in production since Q3 2018, but most exciting is a 120Hz version which we had heard a bit about before in our last update in May. Although originally penciled in for July 2018 production, this panel seems to have slipped quite a long way until Q2 2019 now. Let’s hope it will be worth the wait.

In the 31.5″ VA open-cell panel space (ie without a backlight unit) Samsung already have a couple of options that have been in production for a while, with a 2560 x 1440 resolution,  3-side borderless design, 1800R curve and options for 60Hz or 144Hz versions (the LSM315DP02 and LSM315DP01 respectively). There are plans to boost the refresh rate a bit further and offer a 165Hz version too, expected to go in to production in Q1 2019. It’s a similar story in the 27″ space where a VA open-cell panel (LSM270DP01) with similar specs and 144Hz refresh rate will be boosted to offer a 165Hz version. Again expected to go in to production in Q1 2019.

Updates for the 49″ and 43.4″ Ultrawide VA Panels

We already knew that Samsung were producing a 32:9 aspect ratio 49″ ultrawide VA technology panel with 5120 x 1440 resolution (Dual Quad HD) – the LSM490YP02. This would feature a 3-side borderless design and best of all a 120Hz refresh rate. Originally expected for Sept 2018 production, this now seems to have slipped slightly to Nov 2018.

Their 43.4″ ultrawide VA panel (LSM434YP01) with 3840 x 1200 resolution, 1800R curve, 3-side frameless design and 144Hz refresh rate should now be in mass production as well.


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