New 25″ 240Hz Gigabyte Aorus KD25F Display Coming Soon?

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Picture added later now that official news is available here

There is next to no information about this online at this time, but it seems that Gigabyte will soon be releasing a new screen in their Aorus lineup. The new model is listed on AMD’s website in the list of FreeSync screens, and is labelled as the KD25F.

What we can glean so far is that the new screen will be 25″ in size (probably 24.5″) and will feature a 1920 x 1080 resolution TN Film panel and 240Hz refresh rate. FreeSync will be supported for variable refresh rates (and also G-sync from NVIDIA cards) between 48 – 240Hz. LFC will also be supported for lower frame rates. The screen will not be FreeSync 2 certified according to the AMD website at the moment, and HDR is also supposedly not being supported. Although we expect the latter to change, even if it’s just lowly HDR400 type support.

There’s no official information on specs or features at this time, or any indication on release date or price. So for now this is more of a rumoured “coming soon” type news piece. We will update it in due course as more information emerges.

Update 29/5/19: Official news piece about this and a couple of other new screens from Gigabyte now available here.

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