LG to Release New Firmware for 27GN950 with Several Major Updates and Bug Fixes

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During the course of our current testing of the LG 27GN950 we came across a couple of issues, some of which had also been flagged to us by existing screen owners. We have fed these bugs back to LG this week and received an update from their product team with the excellent news that a new firmware will be released very soon to address the bugs, and provide another significant update as well. We’ve had the chance to test this new firmware as well this week as part of our forthcoming review.

The current latest firmware available for the screen is (v3.03, 5.57) as it is listed in the LG OnScreen Control software, where there is a function to check for updates and automatically apply them to the screen – the screen must be connected via the USB hub to do this.

A new firmware is expected to be available imminently, likely as early as next week we are told and it will offer the following updates:

1) Add 160Hz overclocking support

This refresh rate overclock was always listed in the original press material dating all the way back to Dec 2019 and as we reported on in our original news piece back then. This was conspicuous by its absence though in the final spec and product pages from LG and was nowhere to be seen when we first received the display either. 144Hz was the maximum available and there was no overclocking feature in then OSD menu. The new firmware will add this feature in to the OSD menu and we are told that this delay to the feature was because of an issue with DSC (Display Stream Compression) with NVIDIA and that it has been addressed with their latest drivers, v457.30 from 9th Nov 2020. You will need to make sure you have the latest version of the drivers from NVIDIA to ensure this feature works properly.

2) Fix the sRGB emulation mode preset

When we tested the screen we noticed that the sRGB preset mode did not actually provide any emulation of the sRGB colour space. It seemed to reduce the overall colour volume by about 3%, but still left us with 129.2% sRGB coverage! There were also some issues with the gamma and white point setup, and this led us to the conclusion that this mode was broken and needed a fix. The latest firmware fixes the sRGB emulation nicely, now covering 99.8% sRGB as intended. We will include measurements and info on this mode in our forthcoming review.

3) Fix hardware calibration memory issue

We also noticed through our testing that the hardware calibration function was buggy. It worked easily and intuitively via LG’s provided ‘Calibration Studio’ software and produced some pleasing results initially. The problem was that when powering the monitor off or rebooting, it would forget the calibration it had achieved! This was again fed back to LG and the new firmware is being released to correct this bug as well. We have confirmed with our testing that this new firmware works, and hardware calibrated modes now appear to be saved properly.

The new firmware should be available via LG’s OnScreen control software in the near future. Our full review of this screen is available here

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