Innolux Latest Panel Development Plans – June 2019

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We have some updates from Innolux about their panel development plans. This is Innolux as a panel manufacturer, as opposed to any specific monitor/display manufacturer, but it gives an indication of where monitors are likely to go in the future by looking ahead at the panel production plans. Innolux make an increasingly large range portion of the IPS-type panels (their ‘AAS’ technology) along with some VA-type options. We’ve seen these IPS-type panels adopted in more gaming screens of late, including models from Acer, Philips and Gigabyte. They give an interesting alternative to more widespread AUO and LG.Display IPS equivalents.

Please keep in mind that the production dates are not set in stone and may change, and there is then also a lag of several months before a panel is produced, then used in a display and launched to market. We have updated our panel parts database with all the new information we have as well as best we can. Here are the highlights.

31.5″ IPS-type Panel with 4K @ 144Hz with >1 Million Zone Dimming Backlight!

The most interesting panel development planned is a new 31.5″ sized panel in their AAS technology (IPS-type) range, the M315DCM-E70. The panel will offer a 3840 x 2160 UltraHD (“4K”) resolution along with a high refresh rate. This is listed as 120Hz in one section, but 144Hz in another so we expect it to be similar to current 27″ sized 4K options from other manufacturers where 120Hz it the native refresh rate, and 144Hz can be supported through an overclock. There’s been a lot of demand for a larger sized panel with this res/refresh rate combination than the current 27″ options. We know AUO have been working on an equivalent panel option which is not expected to go in to production until Q4 2019 but has been on roadmaps for quite a long time.

Adding to the interest for this Innolux IPS-type option is their plans to make this a “Megazone” display, a step up from current FALD backlight options and something which will apparently deliver over 1 million zones! This is designed to reduce and eliminate halos and blooming and could give an incredible level of local dimming control.

The panel is listed as being VESA DisplayHDR 1000 compliant thanks to this Megazone backlight with a 600 cd/m2 normal brightness and 1000 cd/m2 peak brightness for HDR. There is also a >90% DCI-P3 colour gamut and 8-bit+FRC colour depth spec.

Innolux have also been working on improving their response times of their IPS-type panels, pushing them down from common 14ms specs to 5 – 7ms apparently. This planned panel carries a 7ms G2G response time spec.

The panel is under early development now and apparently Innolux were hoping to have a prototype ready for Q2 2019. No word on mass production yet, but we wouldn’t expect much news until 2020 at best.

Another 31.5″ Option with 4K @ 144Hz but with a 10,000 Zone Mini LED backlight

Innolux are also working on another 31.5″ IPS-type panel option of similar specs, but this time instead of using the Megazone backlight, they will be using a 10,000 zone Mini LED option. Still very impressive and miles beyond current FALD and Mini LED options talked about to date. This should also be great for HDR local dimming. Specs remain very similar to the Megazone version talked about above, with 3840 x 2160 res, 120/144Hz refresh rate, 7ms G2G response time, 600 cd/m2 brightness (1000 cd/m2 peak), and 8-bit+FRC colour depth. This time an even wider 95% BT 2020 colour gamut is listed. This one is also under development but a prototype is not expected until Q4 2019. Again don’t expect to see any more news on this until next year.

Another 31.5″ Option with 4K @ 144Hz but with a normal SDR backlight

For those who don’t want or need the top-end HDR performance (or likely very high price) that the Megazone or Mini LED backlight options talked about above can offer, there are also plans to develop a “normal” panel option. This will still offer the 3840 x 2160 resolution, 120/144Hz refresh rate, 90% DCI-P3 gamut, 8-bit+FRC colour depth and 7ms G2G response time. However this one will have a normal edge-lit backlight with no local dimming, and therefore a 300 cd/m2 brightness spec. Expect this to be used though in more affordable display options as and when it’s available. A panel prototype is expected in Q3 2019 with mass production not planned until Q2 2020 at the moment.

New 28″ IPS-type Panel with 4K and High Refresh Rate

As well as the 31.5″ sized panels above, Innolux are also developing a 28″ sized IPS-type (AAS technology) panel. The M280DCA-E7B will offer a 3840 x 2160 resolution and 120Hz refresh rate (likely 144Hz again with an overclock). It doesn’t offer any local dimming or HDR, but has a >90% DCI-P3 gamut, 8-bit+FRC colour depth, 300 cd/m2 brightness and 7ms G2G response time spec. All we know about this one is that it is being developed, with no timelines currently listed. There is also a similarly spec’d but lower refresh rate 60Hz version (1ith older 14ms G2G response time spec), the M280DCA-E3B planned for production from August 2019.

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