Cooler Master Enter Monitor Market with GM219-30 and GM219-35 Gaming Displays

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Cooler Master are a brand most known for their cooling solutions, fans, cases and accessories but it looks like they are going to soon be entering the desktop monitor market. They’ve recently announced and showcased at Computex 2019 two new gaming monitors, the GM219-30 and GM219-35. Thankfully the naming scheme is quite simple, with the GM219-30 being a 21:9 aspect ratio 30″ sized model, while the GM219-35 is a 21:9 aspect ratio 35″ model.

Both models appear to be a curved screen format and based on VA technology panels. The 30″ GM219-30 will offers 2560 x 1080 resolution with 200Hz refresh rate. The 35″ GM219-35 has a larger 3440 x 1440 resolution and is limited to a more common 120Hz refresh rate – still right up there with many competing models of that size and resolution. They will feature Adaptive-Sync support for VRR, meaning they should be able to support both FreeSync and G-sync. The 35″ model is actually FreeSync 2 certified as well.

Both models are expected to have a 1ms response time spec, although it’s not clear whether that’s a rather bold “G2G” figure, or a potentially less meaningful “MRPT” figure linked to the use of a strobing backlight. Time will tell. HDR support is also talked about for both, although what level is unclear at the moment. Other specs are not provided at this time.

Release is expected in late 2019. The 30″ model is expected to retail for $399.99, while the 35″ model will retail for $999.99 USD. More information and confirmation of prices and release dates when we get them.

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