An Interesting Look Behind the Scenes at NVIDIA and Their G-sync Development

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There’s a really fascinating video published recently by LinusTechTips, which looks at the inner workings of NVIDIA’s G-sync production, which we would recommend you watch if you have chance. It was filmed at NVIDIA’s gaming lab and looks at various aspects of their G-sync development, testing and validation procedures.

The video looks at, among other things, the following:

  • The extensive tests done to test the TCON (timing controller) on G-sync displays for variable refresh rates
  • How flicker is avoided and controlled when using VRR
  • Panel validation procedures
  • The very complex and time-consuming tests for G-sync Ultimate displays including operation of the FALD backlight, uniformity measurements, zone lighting and dimming
  • A look at the inner workings of one of the forthcoming BFGD’s (Big Format Gaming Displays)
  • How calibrations and measurements are done during production
  • How overdrive is controlled for VRR environments
  • Some of the inner workings of the G-sync module and FALD backlight systems
  • Validation procedures and certifications

You can watch the LinusTechTips video below! (images used in this news piece courtesy of the video too)

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