ICC Profiles – I – L

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Iiyama B2403WSX-rite ColorMunkiUser30326500k
Iiyama B2409HDSX-rite i1 ProUserGamma 250547171100User
Iiyama E2202WSVLaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentral3050918074
Iiyama G2773HSX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentrali-Style = Off4050959182User Color
Iiyama XUB2792QSU-B1X-rite i1 Pro + BasICColorUseri-Style = Off4570949799
Iiyama XUB2792QSU-B1X-rite i1 Pro + BasICColorUseri-Style = OffECO mode 3709597100


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Lenovo G34W-10ColorMunkiUser56100
Lenovo Legion Y27q-20Spyder 2 Pro + displayCALUser58751009297ser
Lenovo Legion Y44w-10X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralCustomer color9759993100Default
Lenovo T460p (6500k)X-rite i1 Display ProUser250 cd/m2100
Lenovo T460p (7500k)X-rite i1 Display ProUser250 cd/m2100
Lenovo T500 2087-A23X-rite i1 Display ProUserLTN154P3-L02
Lenovo T510X-rite i1 Display ProUserB156RW01 V1
Lenovo T520X-rite i1 Display ProUserLTN156KT02401
Lenovo ThinkPad X201 TabletX-rite ColorMunki DisplayUserpanel HV121WX6-11011 of 15
Lenovo ThinkPad X280X-rite i1 Display ProUser
Lenovo ThinkVision P27uX-rite i1 Display ProUser1009088Custom Colour
Lenovo Yoga C940 laptopX-rite i1 Display ProUser40
Lenovo Yoga C940 Laptop?User9250505050
Lenovo Z50-70X-rite i1 Display ProUser
LG 22M35ColorMunki SmileUser6500k40474232Gamma 2
LG 22MP48HQManufacturerManufacturer
LG 23EA53Factory profileManufacturer
LG 23MP55X-rite i1 ProUser120 cd/m23270504947
LG 24MK430HSpyder X ProUser7070
LG 24MK430HX-rite i1 Display StudioUserGamma 2.27082464046User
LG 24MP58VQSpyder 5 ProUserColour temp: medium100100
LG 24MP60VQColorMunki DisplayUserGamma Off5570545250Custom
LG 24MT57D-PZColorchecker Display + CCStudioUser3480Expert 1
LG 25UL850X-rite i1 Display StudioUserGamm 2.22670575752User
LG 27EA33X-rite i1 Display ProUserGamma 16063505044Custom Color
LG 27GK750FX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 2070414946Gamer 1
LG 27GL63T-BSpyderX EliteUserGamma 24870493940Gamer 1
LG 27GL650FX-rite i1 ProUserGamma 26850564842
LG 27GL850X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 22370584948Gamer 1
LG 27GL850i1 Pro 2 + DisplayCALUser6070505049
LG 27GN750-BSpyderX EliteUserGamma 26070524643Gamer 1
LG 27GN850DisplayCALUserGamma 24470485147Gamer 1
LG 27GN950X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 2870505049Gamer 1
LG 27UD68ColorMunki PhotoUser10070sRGB
LG 27UD68Spyder4EliteUserGamma 28075454043Custom
LG 27UK850Spyder4Elite + DisplayCALUserGamma 2.230Photo
LG 29UM67-PSpyder 5 ProUserGamma 11970505050User
LG 29WK500-PNone – by eye settingsUserGamma 470505050Custom
LG 32EP950 OLED ProX-rite i1 Pro 2 + CalmanTFTCentralNative gamut4370474751Custom
LG 32GK650Fi1 Display Pro + DisplayCALUserGamma 21570505044Gamer 1
LG 32GK850GX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 12370454555Gamer 1
LG 32GN550Spyder2 + DisplayCALUserColour Temp Medium7575
LG 32GN600X-rite i1 Pro 2 + CalmanTFTCentralGamma 22270505050
LG 32GP850X-rite i1 Pro 2 + CalmanTFTCentralGamma 21470485050Gamer 1
LG 34GK950FX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 21770495049Gamer 1
LG 34GK950GX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 21770424655Gamer 1
LG 34UC79GX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 11470464556Custom
LG 34UC89GX-rite i1 Display ProHWjournal
LG 34UM95X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 02170504858Custom
LG 34WL75CSpyder X + DisplayCALUserGamma 2070544740Custom
LG 38GL950GX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 21870514640Custom
LG 38UC99X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 12470474563Custom
LG CX OLEDX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 2.23685600Expert Dark
LG C1 OLEDSpyder 5 ProUserWarm 50 colour temp44Expert Bright
LG E2241ManufacturerManufacturer
LG E2341VManufacturerManufacturer
LG IPS224ColorMunki Smile + DispCalGUIUser100 cd/m23770385039User
LG IPS225ColorMunki Smile + DispCalGUIUser100 cd/m28470335023User
LG IPS231PX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 2.41170504751User
LG IPS235ManufacturerManufacturer
LG L1932PLaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentral
LG L1960TQLaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentral3567
LG IPS226VLaCie Blue Eye ProDigitalversus
LG L226WTQLaCie Blue Eye ProDigitalversus
LG L227WTLaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentral4550503245
LG W2240Spyder2 + ColorEyesUserGamma 11970303450User
LG W2242TX-rite i1 Display ProUser

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