ICC Profiles – B and C

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BenQ BL2400PUEye One LT + BasICColorUserECO = off5750858077Gamma 2.0
BenQ BL2710PTX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 23550Standard
BenQ BL2711UX-rite i1 Display ProUser 2850sRGB
BenQ BL3200PTX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma = 126501009796User
BenQ E2200HDPantone Huey Pro + ArgyllUser 1006010085100User Mode
BenQ EW2420LaCie Blue Eye ProTFTCentralGamma 2.06450809680Standard
BenQ EW2420Spyder2 + ArgyllUserGamma 2.22090796656 
BenQ EW2420ColorMunki Smile + ArgyllUserGamma 14050938288Standard
BenQ EW2730VX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 10501009193User mode
BenQ EX3501RX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 222501009897Custom 1
BenQ FP241VWLaCie Blue Eye ProDigitalversus
BenQ FP241WLaCie Blue Eye ProDigitalversus
BenQ FP241WZLaCie Blue Eye ProDigitalversus5090484857
BenQ FP241WZMonaco OPTIXUser6030494946
BenQ FP241WZMonaco OPTIXUser4059494946
BenQ GW2450HM (User)X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 317501009698User mode
BenQ GW2450HM (Normal)X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 32250Normal mode
BenQ GW2470HLi1 Display Pro + DisplayCalUserGamma 33660918187User Define
BenQ GW2750H (not HM)Spyder4 EliteUserGamma 3950888385
BenQ GW2750HM (User)X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 4145010010095User mode
BenQ GW2750HM (Normal)X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 41450Normal mode
BenQ PG2401PT (Adobe RGB)X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralAdobe RGB450
BenQ PG2401PT (sRGB)X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralsRGB450
BenQ GW2255Spyder4 ProUserDefault settings100100100
BenQ GW2760HSX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 212509810095User
BenQ GW2765HTX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 318509292100User
BenQ V230H (collection)BenQ DefaultBenQDefault profiles
BenQ V2400WLaCie Blue Eye ProDigitalversus
BenQ XL2410T (collection)X-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralsee review     see review
BenQ XL2420TX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 1550969995Standard
BenQ XL2420Ti1 Display Pro + BasICColorUserGamma 2550979694Standard
BenQ XL2540X-rite i1 Display ProUserGamma 31950989590Standard
BenQ XL2720ZX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 3205010010092Standard
BenQ XL2730ZX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 317509599100Standard
BenQ ZOWIE XL2411Spyder5 + DisplayCALUser 165010097100Standard


(Click for ICC download)
Cooler Master GM27-CFX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 2.01850464849Standard
Cooler Master GM34-CWX-rite i1 Pro + LaCieTFTCentralGamma 2.21550464950Standard
Crossover 2720MDPi1 Display Pro + BasICColor 5User28761009594
Crossover 27Q LED-Pi1 Display Pro + BasICColor 5User
Crossover 27Q LED-PSpyder4 ProUser
Crossover 27Q LED-Pi1 Display Pro + DisplayCALUserbrightness =16 from max
Crossover 27QD Blade LEDSpyder2 ProUser

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