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Asus ROG Swift PG258Q
(12 February 2017)

An exclusive first review of the first 240Hz gaming screen from Asus, part of their popular ROG Swift range. With NVIDIA G-sync and ULMB support included.

(6 January 2017
Updated 11 January 2017)

An exclusive first review of the first 240Hz refresh rate gaming screen to hit the market. Combined with a 1ms response time and FreeSync support. Now updated to include pursuit camera tests.

LG 34UC79G
(14 December 2016)

A detailed review of the first high refresh rate IPS panel from LG.Display, offering native 144Hz support combined with FreeSync and an added blur reduction mode.


Acer Predator Z271
(13 October 2016)

An exclusive first in depth review of the new VA-based Z271 from Acer. With a 1920 x 1080 VA panel, G-sync support and 144Hz refresh rate.

LG 38UC99
(26 September 2016)

An exclusive first in depth look at the massive new 37.5" ultra-wide screen from LG, including a boosted refresh rate and. blur reduction backlight.

Dell U2417H
(Updated 16 August 2016)

A full review of the H version of the new 24" screen from Dell. We will compare it with the already tested U2417HJ version as well as the old U2414H it replaces.

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(15 January 2017)
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A road-map and round-up
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